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i have a myspace, if anyone wants to check it out. ill provide the link at the bottom.
im pretty broke almost 99% of the time. but my birthday is in december!!! lol.

birthday wish list:

-penpals (female only please)
-cute mini things (i have an obsession with miniature stuff)
-any sort of japanese stationery you might have laying around that you might not otherwise use

thats pretty much it.

heres the link to my MYSPACE:           www.myspace.com/j_stetler

so if anyone is in a giving mood, send me a message on here or on my myspace. ill love anything thats given to me. and i love pen pals, and i always write back to them.

^_^ happy holidays!

(halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new years)

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to anyone whos tryed to contact me, sorry... i havent been on in... it says 47 weeks. so i appologize. im going to try to be on more, but not garunteed. at least once a week ill be on though. :)

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ok, this i s very weird.... my comments that i posted are not showing up on the boards that i posted them on. urgh.... im so confused!!!!!
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